NT-proBNP and Life Insurance Underwriting

Sometimes when we introduce a new requirement or get challenged by an agent or broker about the use of a test, it’s helpful to have a generic document to explain in simple terms what it is and why

Automated Underwriting Cuts Fraud, Errors and Omissions

Carriers that have begun implementing automated underwriting share the lessons they have learned in the process.

4 Misconceptions about Marijuana and Life Insurance

With just about half of America's states legalizing marijuana use for medicinal purposes, insurance carriers have changed their underwriting approach for these types of cases.

Proton Beam Radiation Therapy (SCOR inFORM)

This article focuses on Proton Beam Radiation Therapy: its history, how it works, its use in the treatment of different cancers, and implications for insurers.

Innovation: Wellness, Wearables, and Universal Truths

Are the current wellness initiatives which centre on wearable technology the golden fleece that holds out the best prospect of delivering innovative, market-disrupting change to insurance markets on a global scale? Mr Richard Verdin of RGA UK Services Ltd explores.

Impaired Risk Review: Informal Applications

Sometimes agents, brokers and even applicants would like to have a general idea of how their insurance application will proceed before an official submission is made. There are all sorts of reasons for this, which may include whether their medical condition is insurable, whether their finances or accompanying information qualify them for the coverage they are requesting, and, if the application is going to be rated, to what degree and what kind of resulting premium they can expect. An informal application allows the underwriter (and often the doctor) to review information that would be submitted as part of the application and give a good idea of the risk assessment to follow.

A Guide to Simplified Underwriting

Over the years, insurance carriers have sought to underwrite and issue more policies in less time and at lower costs. Many insurance advisors might also say that today’s full underwriting process is not only long, but can be daunting for the advisor as well as the applicant. As a result, many insurance carriers have been developing products with simplified underwriting. This article discusses the main approaches to simplified underwriting, their advantages, and associated risks, and how insurers can mitigate these risks.

Presentations from the 2016 SEHOUA Meeting

Slides from the 2016 SEHOUA Meeting have been posted. They include:

  1. Betsy Sears – “Young Kids, Old Bodies”
  2. Dr. Stout – “Drugs and Alcohol – The Landscape”
  3. Dr. Titcomb - “Red Cell Distribution Width (RDW): An Underappreciated Marker for Increased Mortality
  4. Mike Clift – “Motor Vehicle Reports and Driving Criticism Trends, Technology and Terminology”
  5. Dr. Greene - "Prostate Cancer: A Decade of Change"
  6. Dr. Dave Rengachary - “Advances in Multiple Sclerosis”
  7. Dr. Rooney – Genetics: A Discussion of How our Genes Impact Mortality”
  8. Ron Schaber, Philip R. Murphy and Greg Brandner - “Big Data Today and Tomorrow – the drive toward fully underwritten pricing”

Underwriting Foreign Risks

There is probably no facet of underwriting that is more fluid in terms of day-to-day changes than foreign travel and foreign residence.

Life Insurance: You Can Lose Out Just Being Associated with Pot

A few weeks ago, Derek Peterson got a letter from Mutual of Omaha, turning him down for life insurance.

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