The Truth about Underwriting (Slides)

These are the slides from Hank’s September presentation to agents and brokers in Milwaukee.

Mature Ages and Preferred Underwriting

Preferred underwriting is simply the aggregation of risk into groupings, according to a set of predetermined criteria representing a certain level of risk. Historically, the insurance industry simply classified individuals as either standard or substandard risks.

ReFlections Underwriting Newsletter September 2016

This edition of ReFlections offers essential reading on two very timely topics - insurance considerations given the changing status of HIV/AIDS and the use of patient-generated health data. This issue also describes new investigations supported by the Longer Life Foundation, RGA's joint foundation with Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Life Insurance Underwriting: A Better (Less Invasive) Way

Recently, Samantha Chow of the Aite Group wrote an illuminating piece on her personal experience with life insurance underwriting. In her blog post, she recounted the incredibly invasive process of obtaining a basic term policy. You can almost feel her discomfort as she details her experience, describing the battery of tests she faced as a healthy individual with no outlying risk factors and the astonishing disconnect between health care provider and carrier.

Mortality Trends with Alzheimer’s Disease (Slides)

Slides from Dr. Brian Ivanovic’s presentation at the SOA Underwriting Issues & Innovations Seminar, Aug 1-2, 2016 in Chicago have been posted.

Predictive Modeling Case Study – Life Insurance Underwriting

Vince Granieri, FSA, MAAA, EA from Predictive Resources presents a case study of applying predictive analytics to a classical actuarial problem: life insurance underwriting.

Housecalls Underwriting Case Studies and Insights: Sept 2016 Issue

The latest issue of Housecalls features two cases: Wilson (or Wilson’s) Disease and a case of Kawasaki Disease.

Does Transgender Matter to Life Underwriters?

For insurers the question is whether an individual can or should be treated differently from their birth sex. It’s a reasonable consideration for underwriters in the context of gender reassignment, especially in markets where gender-neutral rates are not mandated.

Life Insurance Underwriting: Time to Recalibrate?

Life insurance is a must-have if you have a family or financial commitments. Like many, I bought my policy many years ago and never really thought about it again. Granted, I live in the world of life insurance, so I know it is there and active, but it wasn’t until recently that a friend probed me to take a look and make sure I had the coverage I needed (he’s a new agent).

To Underwrite Scuba Diving, Understand the Perils of the Deep

Recreational scuba diving is a popular sport. With millions of people diving around the world, it has become a common disclosure on life insurance applications. However, diving presents a challenge for risk assessment because diving activities can be quite diverse and some put participants at significant risk of harm.

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