Genetic Testing

In the next decade, genetic tests may become significant and cheap enough that advisers begin suggesting insurance customers test prior to applying for insurance cover. Will consumer behavior change as genetic testing becomes more accessible?

What if Everyone Had Easy Access to his Medical Records?

After more than 2 decades of online shopping and online banking, online access to medical records for patients is finally entering health care’s mainstream. Most US and UK health care providers now have the technology to gather patient medical information electronically, and to provide patients with online access to that information.

Bariatric Surgery – Cure-all for Serious Obesity?

The global trend for obesity has been accompanied by an increased interest in bariatric surgery. The impact of bariatric surgery can be impressive: after the operation, patients lose weight rapidly and, over time, associated conditions such as impaired glucose tolerance (including type 2 diabetes) and mild hypertension may no longer be evident. But how sustainable are the treatment results and what do they mean for risk analysis in life and disability insurance?

Medical Marijuana for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

“From Pariah to Prescription” was the title of a review that appeared some years ago on the possible medical use of marijuana. What then seemed utopian and provocative has now become reality! A recently published comprehensive meta-analysis came to the conclusion that the muscle relaxant and analgesic effects of THC in cases of multiple sclerosis (MS) were well documented.

Impaired Risk Review: Carotid Stenosis

The carotid arteries are the two large blood vessels you can feel the pulse of in your neck that bring oxygenated blood to the brain. Narrowing or blocking of these arteries can cause life threatening consequences, including a major stroke.

The Coming Internet of Things Revolution: A 6-Point Plan for Life Insurers

In the not-distant future, many of the regular things you use every day — your car, interior lighting, the clothes you wear — will link seamlessly to the Internet. This near-omniscient data connectivity has huge implications, and not just for how consumers live their lives.

2016 Sensor Data Survey: Disrupt or be Disrupted

Insurers who move quickly to leverage new data sources, such as wearable tech and sensors, gain enormous potential to disrupt their competition.

More Life Insurers Using Automated Underwriting

Two in three life insurance companies responding to a LIMRA survey in the U.S. and Canada have implemented automated underwriting for at least part of their business and another 32 percent are in the planning stages of implementing automated underwriting, according to a new LIMRA study.

The Growing Impact of Wearables on Digital Health and Insurance [Presentation]

Wearable devices allow us to track levels of physical exercise. Being able to share fitness goals and achievements across social networks has fueled a boom in the market for gadgets such as smart watches and wristbands.

Suicide Facts and Prevention

This article examines some of suicide’s impact on the U.S. life insurance industry, and also briefly looks at current practices and thoughts regarding suicide prevention.

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