Cystatin C: Is it Ready for Underwriting “Prime Time”?

Our paper, “Cystatin C: A Promising Test for Insurance Screening,” was published in early 2009.

Underwriter Education: Reflections and Realities

Hank George, FALU

There was an eye-opening report in the September issue of On the Risk.

Reinsurer Leadership in Uncertain Times

by Hank George, FALU

Super-Simplified Life Insurance (Slides)

Slides from Hank’s presentation on Super-Simplified Life at the May, 2015 LOMA/LIMRA Life Conference

Bilirubin: Implications in Life Underwriting

Hank’s research paper on bilirubin and underwriting shows why this test matters in underwriting.

Reflections on Non-Underwriters Managing Underwriters

Hank George, FALU, CLU, FLMI

It is a widely held notion that one does not have to know the job to manage people who do the job.

Underwriters' Loyalty To Your Company

Hank George, FALU, CLU, FLMI

I recently read one of those garden variety diatribes bemoaning the fact that employees do not exhibit the same degree of loyalty to their employers as their predecessors did in the “good old days.”

Electronic Cigarettes and Underwriting

E-cigarette use has become a hot topic in our profession as we grapple with how to underwrite users.

New Business Management Structure: Function and Dysfunction

Hank George, FALU, CLU, FLMI

NT-proBNP: Implications for Life and Morbidity Risk Underwriting

Hank's 3rd NT-proBNP research paper is now available. It covers the world literature on this remarkable test from 2009 to early 2014.

Prior papers can be found here:

Reducing Our Use of Medical Records

Hank George, FALU, CLU, FLMI

The prevailing mantra of senior management regarding underwriting and most other operational functions is "faster, cheaper, better."

Blood...Without Blood: A Novel Simplified Underwriting Asset

Hank George, FALU, CLU, FLMI

The success of simplified life products in the marketplace will be greatly impacted by how the premium rates match up against fully underwritten products.

2007 & 2011 Life Underwriting Requirement Surveys: A Comparative Analysis

This paper compares and analyzes findings from the 2007 and 2011 Life Underwriting Requirement surveys.

2010 Pharmacy (Rx) Profile Survey: An Analysis of the Findings

The 2010 Pharmacy (Rx) Profile survey was completed by 99 insurers doing individual life business in the United States.

RDW: Mortality and Morbidity Implications

Hank's newest paper "Red Blood Cell Distribution Width (RDW): Mortality & Morbidity Implications" is now available.

Remote Underwriting: Today and Tomorrow

by Hank George, FALU, CLU, FLMI

Insuring the Middle Market: Success Requires a New Approach to Underwriting

Hank George, FALU, CLU, FLMI

The Underwriting Implications of Rx Nonadherence

The risk implications of failure to take medication as prescribed are not widely-appreciated by underwriters.

Drunk Driving and Insurability

Hank George, FALU, CLU, FLMI

Underwriting Implications of Intentional Self-Harm

By Hank George, FALU, CLU, FLMI

Underwriting with NT-proBNP (Slides)

Slides from Hank's presentation at the Critical Issues in Medical Underwriting Seminar held May 7 at the Chicago O'Hare Sheraton Four Points Hotel.

Report  of  an  NT-­proBNP  Survey  of  Reinsurers

We surveyed U.S. reinsurers regarding their practices and viewpoints
about use of the NT-proBNP cardiac test by their clients. The report of this survey will be of keen interest to insurers using (or contemplating the use of) NT-proBNP.

Underwriting Guide to Synthetic Cannabinoids

This paper aims to provide what underwriters and claims examiners need to know about this ever-expanding aggregation of synthetic drugs that are luring users with their enhanced Cannabis-like effects.

Transitioning To Life Underwriting: A Primer For Health Underwriters

This guide is intended to assist health underwriters who choose to transition from health underwriting to life underwriting.

Burning Mouth Syndrome: What Every Underwriter Must Know

This paper covers the underwriting implications of "burning mouth syndrome."

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