From Insurance to Surveillance: Experts Debate Privacy in the Age of Big Data

Big Data is scary. That's the one thing that four people from very different professions agreed on during a panel at a Kenyon College political-science conference about technology's impact on privacy in the 21st century.

Eight Startups Aiming to Transform the Life Insurance Business

This is part two of research by guest author Amy Radin on the Life Insurance business. In Part 1 last week, Amy outlined the fundamental business issues behind the decline in Life Insurance and the white space opportunities this opens up for entrepreneurs. In today’s research note, Amy looks at 8 startups aiming at the white spaces.

Infographic: How Life Insurers are Using or Plan to use Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Life insurers in North America are preparing for a dramatic shift in their use of big data and predictive analytics, according to a Willis Towers Watson survey. While many are just getting started, life insurers expect their use of big data and predictive analytics for decision making to soar dramatically within the next two years.

The Real Digital Health

So far in our articles we have been pretty positive about all aspects of e-health, digital health, e-medicine, wearable devices, etc, and what these will bring. And of course Gary is a pretty enthusiastic Fitbit wearer. But there are a few potential ‘trip hazards’ with underwriting significance.

SCORviews March 2016 Issue

The latest issue of Scor Global Life’s SCORviews publication includes the following articles:

- When the Term Level Ends
- Mortality Improvements in the Future
- Data Protection and the Cloud

Researchers Build Software that can predict Your Lifespan

Imagine if a computer could tell you how many days you had left.

The Coming Internet of Things Revolution: A 6-Point Plan for Life Insurers

In the not-distant future, many of the regular things you use every day — your car, interior lighting, the clothes you wear — will link seamlessly to the Internet. This near-omniscient data connectivity has huge implications, and not just for how consumers live their lives.

2016 Sensor Data Survey: Disrupt or be Disrupted

Insurers who move quickly to leverage new data sources, such as wearable tech and sensors, gain enormous potential to disrupt their competition.

More Life Insurers Using Automated Underwriting

Two in three life insurance companies responding to a LIMRA survey in the U.S. and Canada have implemented automated underwriting for at least part of their business and another 32 percent are in the planning stages of implementing automated underwriting, according to a new LIMRA study.

The Growing Impact of Wearables on Digital Health and Insurance [Presentation]

Wearable devices allow us to track levels of physical exercise. Being able to share fitness goals and achievements across social networks has fueled a boom in the market for gadgets such as smart watches and wristbands.

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