The Future of Underwriting: A Reinsurer Partner’s View

This interview with Joe Gilmour appears on page 26 in the latest issue of the SOA’s Product Matters newsletter. Also featured in this issue: Underwriting Issues and Innovation (page 17).

Lincoln Financial Taps Third-Party Data for Faster Underwriting

Many prospects for life insurance are turned off by the perception that the application process is long and invasive. Lincoln Financial Group is using big data to make it a little easier.

What is the Future of Straight Through Processing?

As you read all the latest statistics in life insurance, annuities and long term care insurance from sources like LIMRA1, they all point to four key trends.

Big Data a Big Deal? For Many U.S. Life, P&C Insurers, Not Yet

Business intelligence and analytics are top priorities for insurers, and their capabilities, which have grown in importance to industry in recent years. But the carriers have fewer “grand plans” for big data than they did in 2013, the last time Novarica polled CIOs on this topic.

Beyond Big Data (Contingencies)

Big Data. The term has become synonymous with strategy, innovation, sophistication, and the general advancement of using more information to improve decision-making.

Insurers Get the Measure of Wearable Tech

Ever considered wearing clothing that monitors your heart rate and helps reduce stress? It’s not so far-fetched - something similar is already patented. Along with telematics, “wearables” like this belong to the fast-expanding group of Internet-connected tools known collectively as Usage Based Devices (USB).

Electronic Health Records Data Webcast: Are You Ready?

Electronic health records (EHRs) are having a huge impact on the life insurance industry. RGA has dedicated resources monitoring this space and developing tools to leverage EHRs in the sale of insurance. In our second webcast covering EHRs, RGA will discuss our vision for EHRs with respect to life insurance, current initiatives related to these records and strategies for utilization of structured and unstructured data from electronic medical data sources. This webcast will also include an update on EHR adoption, meaningful use and interoperability in the United States.

Meet the Life Insurance Startup That Lets Clients Buy in Real Time

Enter Haven Life. A wholly owned subsidiary of MassMutual, the one-year-old company aims to transform the buying process for consumers, especially young millennials who have little patience for the industry’s traditional methods. To learn more about the company’s innovative digital rollout, LifeHealthPro Senior Editor Warren S. Hersch spoke with Haven Life Co-founder and CEO Yaron Ben-Zvi.

Big Data's Big Guns: John Hancock

For a long time, life insurers danced around the issue of how wearable technology could impact the way they evaluate the riskiness of applicants.

The World of Wearables: Gold Mine or Gamble for Insurers?

It seems like wearables are everywhere. Watches, fitness bands, helmets, glasses, shoes … even tattoos and band-aids. If you can imagine it, there is probably already a company selling it.

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