RGA ReFlections May 2016 Issue

This edition of ReFlections contains an in-depth review of the role of genetics in the rapidly changing diagnostic criteria, risk stratification, and treatment of individuals with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). RGA also discusses the relatively new but increasingly popular Cancer Reimbursement product and its design, underwriting and claims issues. ReCite, a medical literature review section, has articles of interest to both underwriters and medical directors.

Genetic Testing

In the next decade, genetic tests may become significant and cheap enough that advisers begin suggesting insurance customers test prior to applying for insurance cover. Will consumer behavior change as genetic testing becomes more accessible?

SCORviews March 2016 Issue

The latest issue of Scor Global Life’s SCORviews publication includes the following articles:

- When the Term Level Ends
- Mortality Improvements in the Future
- Data Protection and the Cloud

SCORacle #4: SCOR Global Life Newsletter

The 4th edition of SCOR Global Life’s newsletter includes articles on a variety of topics in connection with underwriting and claims.

RGA ReFlections Vol 37

The latest issue of RGA’s global medical newsletter includes the following articles:

  • Critical Illness Insurance: A Medical Perspective
  • Cervical Cancer Update
  • Longer Life Foundation
  • ReCite: Interesting and relevant articles in insurance medicine
  • Recent Webcasts

Trends in Medical Data Recording and their Potential Impact on Insurance and Reinsurance

More and more individuals use – be it on purpose or unknowingly – devices that track medical and behavioral data, and the cost of such devices is steadily falling, contributing further to their integration into daily life. Mobile applications devoted to health are available by the tens of thousands and are becoming ever more popular, with some exploring the trend of “gamification”, whereby users are rewarded to reach certain targets, like number of daily steps taken.

Reinsurance Trends (Slides)

The goal of this session is to provide attendees with an update on current trends in reinsurance. Reinsurance can provide significant value by improving capital efficiency, risk management and knowledge sharing with clients. This session will enable an attendee to better understand how a reinsurance relationship may assist them in achieving their company's goals.

RGA ReFlections Fall 2015 Issue

A redesigned ReFlections highlights insights from RGA Vice President and Medical Director Dr. Daniel D. Zimmerman into the 'new frontier' of hepatitis C. Mark Dion, RGA Vice President, Global Underwriting Strategic Innovation, explores the quantified self movement. A new column, ReCite, links to medical articles for insurance professionals, and the edition features a report on mortality and longevity research funded by The Longer Life Foundation, which is supported by RGA and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Fat, BMI and Preferred Programs: A Good Mix?

Life insurers adopted the Body Mass Index (BMI) in the 1980s to help determine an applicant’s weight class. According to the World Health Organization, an individual with a BMI of 30 or more is obese; if their BMI is over 40, the person is morbidly obese.

The Future of Underwriting: A Reinsurer Partner’s View

This interview with Joe Gilmour appears on page 26 in the latest issue of the SOA’s Product Matters newsletter. Also featured in this issue: Underwriting Issues and Innovation (page 17).

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