RGA ReFlections Fall 2015 Issue

A redesigned ReFlections highlights insights from RGA Vice President and Medical Director Dr. Daniel D. Zimmerman into the 'new frontier' of hepatitis C. Mark Dion, RGA Vice President, Global Underwriting Strategic Innovation, explores the quantified self movement. A new column, ReCite, links to medical articles for insurance professionals, and the edition features a report on mortality and longevity research funded by The Longer Life Foundation, which is supported by RGA and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Fat, BMI and Preferred Programs: A Good Mix?

Life insurers adopted the Body Mass Index (BMI) in the 1980s to help determine an applicant’s weight class. According to the World Health Organization, an individual with a BMI of 30 or more is obese; if their BMI is over 40, the person is morbidly obese.

The Future of Underwriting: A Reinsurer Partner’s View

This interview with Joe Gilmour appears on page 26 in the latest issue of the SOA’s Product Matters newsletter. Also featured in this issue: Underwriting Issues and Innovation (page 17).

Report on Life and Annuity Living Benefit Riders: Considerations for Insurers and Reinsurers

The Reinsurance Section, Product Development Section and the Committee on Life Insurance Research announce the release of a new report that investigates life and annuity living benefit riders and their implications from both a direct writer and a reinsurer perspective

Risk Insights Vol 19 No 2 (Gen Re)

Articles include:

- Appealing to Millennials - Think Smart, Not Hard
- Get Insured? Generation Y Asks "Why?"
- Appetite for Life Insurance - A Survey of UK Millennials

2014 Life Reinsurance Survey Report

The results of the latest survey of the US and Canadian life reinsurance market have been published at the Munich RE website.

Reinsurer Leadership in Uncertain Times

by Hank George, FALU

A presentation at a recent underwriting gathering was billed as being focused on the use of predictive analytics in contexts other than risk appraisal.

The Right Direction: 2013 Life Reinsurance Survey

The U.S. life reinsurance market posts a positive cession rate from direct writers for the first time in 11 years.

The Evolution of Reinsurance (Munich RE)

Disasters like the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 and natural catastrophes such as Hurricane Katrina emphasize the value of reinsurance. These events resulted in large exposures, with direct writers resorting to reinsurance to spread the risk. That is how reinsurance started, as a risk management tool. Over the years, it has evolved, offering numerous benefits for insurance companies, including access to information, relationships, and expertise that can yield greater benefits in the claim adjudication process.

Revitalizing Reinsurance Capacity

Life insurers can't continue to wait for the markets to resolve the impact the financial crisis has had on their capacity. New ideas are needed.

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