Life Settlements

Structured Settlement Underwriting: Principles and Guidelines

The slides from Kevin Puckett’s presentation at the Actuaries Club of the Southwest Spring Meeting have been posted online.

The New Face Of Life Settlements

At first blush, there was little to celebrate over the latest data on life settlement transactions.

Life Settlement Market Turns Corner

Face values of life insurance policies sold in the life settlement market reached $2.57 billion in 2013, up from $2.13 billion in 2012, according to a newsletter that tracks industry trends.

Life Settlements: A Long Road to Redemption

Like a heavyweight boxer struggling to recover from a solid blow to the solar plexus, a chastened life settlement insurance industry is struggling to regain its equilibrium and re-establish its niche in the financial services marketplace.

Life Insurance - Combating Fraud and Minimizing Losses

It's probably common knowledge that one mechanism of fraud schemes involving life insurance would seek to have a payout of the face value through a real or faked death. Less well recognized are schemes that try to trigger agents' commissions under fraudulent scenarios. This article explores recent trends and some of the methods used by life insurers to combat fraud and minimize losses.

7 Positive Trends for Life Settlements

The life settlement industry has seen its share of turmoil in the past few years. But growing pains are part of any new evolving industry. Here are seven reasons why the future of the life settlement industry looks bright.

Buerger: Life Settlement Industry Must Evolve

To achieve its growth potential in coming years, the life settlement industry must evolve its business model to better serve a fast-growing population of recipients of long-term care funded through Medicaid, according to the keynote speaker at the conference held for life settlement institutional investors on March 11.

Mortality estimates and the impact to life settlement brokers

Recent changes to mortality tables by life expectancy (LE) providers pose new challenges for the secondary life insurance market. This environmental shift has resulted in investors revising risk assessments and return rates and some life settlement providers rescinding offers to brokers based on old LE assumptions. How are these changes, along with others, impacting brokers?

Poor Underwriting Practices Spark Life Settlement Losses

Life expectancy providers are a key component of the life settlement process. They offer a life expectancy for someone who is looking to sell his or her life insurance on the secondary market to life settlement investors.

Are You Worth More Dead Than Alive?

In a transaction known as a viatical settlement (for terminally ill patients) or a life settlement (for everyone else), the person selling his insurance gets an immediate cash payment. The buyer, in exchange, is named as the beneficiary and pays the premiums until the insured person dies.

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