Hank George

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Underwriters

by Hank George, FALU

After three forgettable years as a competition analyst in the agency department, I became a novice life underwriter at Northwestern Mutual on October 10, 1973.

The ensuing 522 months have afforded me the privilege of witnessing first hand the evolution of our profession and in so doing to marvel at the ever-accelerating pace of change.

Clearly, there are reasons – and reasons within reasons – why this frenetic process will intensify over the near-term future with profound implications for us, both individually and collectively.

Cystatin C: Is it Ready for Underwriting “Prime Time”?

Our paper, “Cystatin C: A Promising Test for Insurance Screening,” was published in early 2009.

Underwriter Education: Reflections and Realities

Hank George, FALU

There was an eye-opening report in the September issue of On the Risk.

Reinsurer Leadership in Uncertain Times

by Hank George, FALU

Reflections on Non-Underwriters Managing Underwriters

Hank George, FALU, CLU, FLMI

It is a widely held notion that one does not have to know the job to manage people who do the job.

Underwriters' Loyalty To Your Company

Hank George, FALU, CLU, FLMI

I recently read one of those garden variety diatribes bemoaning the fact that employees do not exhibit the same degree of loyalty to their employers as their predecessors did in the “good old days.”

Electronic Cigarettes and Underwriting

E-cigarette use has become a hot topic in our profession as we grapple with how to underwrite users.

New Business Management Structure: Function and Dysfunction


Hank George, FALU, CLU, FLMI

Reducing Our Use of Medical Records

Hank George, FALU, CLU, FLMI

The prevailing mantra of senior management regarding underwriting and most other operational functions is "faster, cheaper, better."

Blood...Without Blood: A Novel Simplified Underwriting Asset

Hank George, FALU, CLU, FLMI

The success of simplified life products in the marketplace will be greatly impacted by how the premium rates match up against fully underwritten products.

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