Avoiding Early Cancer Claims

We are hosting a 1-day seminar on Thursday, October 13, on this critical medical underwriting topic.

Underwriting Presentations from the 2014 AHOU Conference

AHOU has posted recordings (powerpoint slides plus synchronized audio) of the session presentations from the 13th Annual AHOU Conference this past May in Indianapolis, IN.

Upcoming Event: The Future of Preferred Underwriting Seminar (SOA)

August 26-27, 2013 at the Westin Hotel O'Hare in Rosemont, IL. More information is available at the link below:

MUD Group: Presentations from 43rd Annual Conference

Slides from the following presentations have been made available at the M.U.D. Group website:

- Challenges Facing the Insurance Industry
- Financial UW from an Agent's Perspective
- Sleep Deprivation
- The Evolution of Underwriting Requirements over Time and What is on the Horizon
- Cognitive Screening Tests – Did You Forget Something?
- Electronic Underwriting - Threat or Opportunity?
- Motorsports Update: Speed, Situations and Safety
- Is HIV Insurable Yet? (Part 1)
- Is HIV Insurable Yet? (Part 2)
- Underwriting the Habits Risk of Alcohol Use
- “Brain Spots” – To Be or Not to be Concerned

WAHLU Underwriting Case Clinic Challenge

Ten questions from the Case Clinic Challenge presented at the WAHLU Underwriting Conference (November 14, 2012)

The Challenges of Underwriting TIA and Carotid Artery Stenosis

Slides from Mary Dess and Sharon Belongia's presentation at the WAHLU Underwriting Conference (November 14, 2012)

14 things I learned at NAILBA 31

I’m back home from NAILBA and have to admit that was one of the better events I’ve had the pleasure of covering in recent memory.

2012 Midwestern Underwriting Conference: Presentations

Some of the presentations from the upcoming Midwestern Underwriting Conference in Cincinnati, OH (Sept 12-14), have been posted at the AHOU website. Posted slides include:

Prostate Cancer
Legislative & Regulatory Issues Affecting Underwriting
Preferred Risk Pricing and Underwriting
Carotid Disease and TIA
Predictive Modeling with MVRs

Highlights of the 2012 AHOU Annual Conference

The 12th annual conference of the Association of Home Office Underwriters (AHOU) was held April 29-May 2 in Orlando. Highlights from the 2012 AHOU Conference include a presentation on the impacts of the economy on the life insurance industry; the new edge on chronic kidney disease; insurance planning for the high net worth market; suicides–are they killing your mortality results; CT scanning and CAD–facts and hype; and emerging themes in rheumatoid arthritis.

World of Mortality Issues and Insights Presentations (SOA):

The Society of Actuaries has posted most of the presentations from the May 23, 2012 "A World of Mortality Issues and Insights" event. Some of the presentations include:

Impact of Obesity on Mortality
Mortality by Income Level
Mortality Improvement
Mortality of Disabled Lives
Mortality by Geographic Location & Socio-demographic Classification

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