Life Insurance and Annuity Distribution in a Digital World: Four Strategic Shifts

The impact of digital technologies on insurance products, customer expectations and distribution networks is driving rapidly accelerating change in the insurance industry. Determining your distribution strategy in an omnichannel world requires consideration of new alternatives along with traditional channels. Insurers need new insights into familiar challenges when deciding how sales teams will evolve, how processes will adapt and how key supporting technologies will be selected. The challenge is to cut through the noise and develop innovative strategies that integrate your proven traditional distribution approaches (e.g., personal interaction, phone) with new customer demands and new technology.

It Was A Very Good Year For Innovation By Life Carriers

The challenge of generating lifetime income for underprepared retirees, combined with low interest rates that slowed life insurance sales in 2015, were among the top concerns of the financial world in the past year. So it’s no wonder that annuities often dominated the news about innovation in financial products.

Life Operations: 5 New Rules of the Road

Life and annuity insurance companies are seeking any and all means to improve business performance in a time of rapid change. Advancements in data and analytics promise to deliver significant improvements in the speed and reliability of decision-making and offer insurers a competitive advantage.

Impaired Risk Underwriting and the Immediate Annuity Market

Ten years ago, seven carriers were active in the SPIA impaired risk market. Now, only one major participant remains. What happened?

What is the Future of Straight Through Processing?

As you read all the latest statistics in life insurance, annuities and long term care insurance from sources like LIMRA1, they all point to four key trends.

Report on Life and Annuity Living Benefit Riders: Considerations for Insurers and Reinsurers

The Reinsurance Section, Product Development Section and the Committee on Life Insurance Research announce the release of a new report that investigates life and annuity living benefit riders and their implications from both a direct writer and a reinsurer perspective

Life & Annuity Symposium Presentations (SOA)

Presentations from the Life & Annuity Symposium held May 4-5, 2015 in New York City are now posted at the SOA website.

The Retirement Challenge (LOMA Resource)

One of the most promising markets in the life insurance and annuity industry is the retirement market. It is top of mind in the C-suite, within government, and among both pre- and current retirees. At the heart of this business opportunity is the question of retirement security. What products and services can insurers offer to help their customers achieve it?

The Top 5 Priorities for Life Insurers in 2015

In coming years, expect to see more simplified and consumer-friendly products, including annuities tailored to young workers looking to build a nest egg. Life insurers’ back-office operations will also be better integrated, availing advisors of more cross-selling opportunities across product lines.

2015 Life Insurance and Annuity Industry Outlook (Deloitte)

In many ways, the life insurance and annuities industry is on more solid footing entering 2015 than it has been for quite some time. Economic growth is improving and the unemployment rate is steadily falling, which should create a more conducive environment for carriers to market their products and services.

But fundamental challenges — some new, some ongoing — are keeping industry executives on their toes.

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