Reinsurer Leadership in Uncertain Times

by Hank George, FALU

A presentation at a recent underwriting gathering was billed as being focused on the use of predictive analytics in contexts other than risk appraisal.

Impaired Risk Review: Lung Cancer

Approximately 200,000 people in the United States in 2010 were diagnosed with lung cancer, and almost 160,000 died of the disease, according to the National Vital Statistics Report.

Underwriting Presentations from the 2015 WAHLU Spring Seminar

Presentations include Adult Bipolar Disorder by Dr. Anthony Norelli and Mature Age Underwriting by Dr. Robert Lund.

Life & Annuity Symposium Presentations (SOA)

Presentations from the Life & Annuity Symposium held May 4-5, 2015 in New York City are now posted at the SOA website.

2015 Shaping Up to be Record Year for Insurance Jobs

If you work in sales or underwriting, you're in especially high demand.

The World of Wearables: Gold Mine or Gamble for Insurers?

It seems like wearables are everywhere. Watches, fitness bands, helmets, glasses, shoes … even tattoos and band-aids. If you can imagine it, there is probably already a company selling it.

Innovation and the Protection Gap

The life insurance protection gap remains an issue in the United States. Swiss Re research estimates the gap between the life coverage families should have for income protection, versus what they actually have, at $20 trillion in aggregate in 2010. This is up from $18 trillion in 2001 after adjusting for inflation. The average family has a gap of $378,000, up from $347,000.

Life Insurers Challenged By Competitive Landscape

Towers Watson survey finds life insurers’ technology limitations affecting their profits.

Long Term Care Insurance: Past Present Future

Private long-term care insurance (LTCI) is now in its fourth decade - the last, in the view of some, in which it will be sold widely across America. Before we observe the obsequies, it may be well to take stock of where we actually are, because sales of stand-alone LTCI products - not to mention linked or combination products, chronic illness coverage, and short-term care insurance - do take place each day, suggesting that private LTCI is filling a need.

Supervision Standards & Strategies (LOMA Resource)

Despite headwinds from a sluggish economy, low interest rates, and mounting regulatory pressure, life insurers have more opportunities for success than ever.

Super-Simplified Life Insurance (Slides)

Slides from Hank’s presentation on Super-Simplified Life at the May, 2015 LOMA/LIMRA Life Conference

Marijuana: Not Just Blowing Smoke (RGA)

As more governments liberalize cannabis regulations, the mortality and morbidity impacts of this drug as well as its potential benefits when used for medicinal purposes will be of great interest to the insurance industry. This research presents statistics on marijuana use and the results of several studies on its effects.

6 Technology Priorities for Individual Life Carriers

The individual life marketplace continues to be hyper-competitive with technology playing an ever larger role in insurers’ ability to attract, retain and profitably serve clients. With the release of our new Business & Technology Trends: Individual Life report, it is an ideal time to highlight six technology priorities in this area.

Prudential Exec Issues 6-point Call for Industry Transformation

Buffeted by economic, social and demographic changes of recent decades, life insurers and their agents and brokers are being challenged as never before. If the industry is to surmount competitive threats, then it will have to thoroughly revamp long-standing business practices.

John Hancock Goes For The Consumer Wellness Data

John Hancock earlier this month released with great fanfare a “whole new approach to life insurance” that lowers premiums for customers who live healthier lives by agreeing to submit data to a wellness company.

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