The Specter of Antiselection

The phenomenon we call antiselection constitutes a clear and present danger to the life insurance industry. A simple definition of this scourge is “not disclosing information known by the insurance applicant in order to get life insurance per se or acquire coverage at a lower premium rate than if that information had been revealed on the application.”

From Insurance to Surveillance: Experts Debate Privacy in the Age of Big Data

Big Data is scary. That's the one thing that four people from very different professions agreed on during a panel at a Kenyon College political-science conference about technology's impact on privacy in the 21st century.

Self-Diagnosis: Does the Consumer Have the Advantage over the Insurer?

The purchase of any type of insurance is based on the premise that the applicant/proposed insured will disclose any and all pertinent information related to insurability and that the insurer will act upon that information in good faith. If information is withheld, the balance of the transaction is altered.

WAHLU Spring Seminar: Presentations

Presentations from the 2016 Wisconsin Association of Health and Life Underwriters (WAHLU) Spring Seminar have been posted at their website. Presentations include:

- CAD and Beyond
- Neuropsychology and Cognitive Disorders

Eight Startups Aiming to Transform the Life Insurance Business

This is part two of research by guest author Amy Radin on the Life Insurance business. In Part 1 last week, Amy outlined the fundamental business issues behind the decline in Life Insurance and the white space opportunities this opens up for entrepreneurs. In today’s research note, Amy looks at 8 startups aiming at the white spaces.

Impaired Risk Review: Insurance for an Organ Donor

The miracles of transplant surgery have given so many whose body organs have failed a new lease on life. Heart, liver and kidney transplants are no longer experimental procedures done with fingers crossed and only temporary results expected. Receiving these organs is a lifesaver for those recipients involved. But what is the insurance fate of organ donors?

Infographic: How Life Insurers are Using or Plan to use Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Life insurers in North America are preparing for a dramatic shift in their use of big data and predictive analytics, according to a Willis Towers Watson survey. While many are just getting started, life insurers expect their use of big data and predictive analytics for decision making to soar dramatically within the next two years.

The Real Digital Health

So far in our articles we have been pretty positive about all aspects of e-health, digital health, e-medicine, wearable devices, etc, and what these will bring. And of course Gary is a pretty enthusiastic Fitbit wearer. But there are a few potential ‘trip hazards’ with underwriting significance.

Housecalls Underwriting Case Studies & Insights: March 2015 Issue

Cases covered in the latest issue of Housecalls include Zika Virus and Hypercalcemia.

5 Ways to Ensure your Next IDI Sale Breezes through Underwriting

It’s a scenario that may be familiar to you: You and your client have decided to apply for an individual disability insurance (IDI) policy. You have the client’s signature; the application is submitted. You’ve worked with your general agent to ensure the application is ready for underwriting, and you feel good knowing you’ve helped your client realize that income is an asset worth protecting.

Genetic Testing

In the next decade, genetic tests may become significant and cheap enough that advisers begin suggesting insurance customers test prior to applying for insurance cover. Will consumer behavior change as genetic testing becomes more accessible?

What if Everyone Had Easy Access to his Medical Records?

After more than 2 decades of online shopping and online banking, online access to medical records for patients is finally entering health care’s mainstream. Most US and UK health care providers now have the technology to gather patient medical information electronically, and to provide patients with online access to that information.

John Hancock Rewards Consumers for Healthy Eating

John Hancock Insurance today announced an expansion of its game-changing John Hancock Vitality solution with the addition of the HealthyFood program. Now, John Hancock Vitality policyholders can earn rewards for the healthy food choices they make every day with real-time discounts and/or cash-back up to $600 a year on their grocery bills, and program points that lead to savings on their annual premiums -- as much as 15 percent.

SCORviews March 2016 Issue

The latest issue of Scor Global Life’s SCORviews publication includes the following articles:

- When the Term Level Ends
- Mortality Improvements in the Future
- Data Protection and the Cloud

Bariatric Surgery – Cure-all for Serious Obesity?

The global trend for obesity has been accompanied by an increased interest in bariatric surgery. The impact of bariatric surgery can be impressive: after the operation, patients lose weight rapidly and, over time, associated conditions such as impaired glucose tolerance (including type 2 diabetes) and mild hypertension may no longer be evident. But how sustainable are the treatment results and what do they mean for risk analysis in life and disability insurance?

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