Prostate Cancer: Effective Underwriting For A Common Impairment

Most men with prostate cancer die with the disease rather than of it. This is important to note, especially considering that today’s screening tests may pick up many potentially lower-risk cases.

Life Insurance Product Development Innovation and Optimization

​Life insurance new product development continues to be negatively impacted by long lead times, both to generate ideas and bring them to market, and the perceived quality of innovation within these new ideas.

In mid-2014, RGA sought to assess and quantify these issues more closely by conducting its first global survey of life insurers.

The Latest on Strokes

In the United States, stroke was the fourth leading cause of death in 2013 and about 800,000 people are affected each year. In 2010, deaths due to ischemic strokes which can be attributed to high tobacco consumption accounted for more cases in Russia, China and India than in the rest of the world.

The Top 5 Priorities for Life Insurers in 2015

In coming years, expect to see more simplified and consumer-friendly products, including annuities tailored to young workers looking to build a nest egg. Life insurers’ back-office operations will also be better integrated, availing advisors of more cross-selling opportunities across product lines.

Is Sugar The New Tobacco?

In our Outlook on Obesity blog series, we’re looking at some of the key issues, trends and interventions related to obesity, alongside the risks this growing problem presents for insurers.

Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma: The Science Behind The Guidelines

For decades the frequency of cutaneous melanomas worldwide has been increasing faster than any other cancer. Melanomas cause about 90 percent of skin cancer mortality.

Why The Insurance Industry Should Invest In Technology - And Now

Here’s a scary thought: Many insurance companies are still using technology created decades ago — and for critical functions. Carriers are able to get necessary work accomplished, but are well behind other industries in terms of providing the level of service that customers increasingly demand in 2015.

A Crossroad Awaits in India

​In the 15 years since India reprivatised its insurance industry, several models have been developed to optimise operations, distribution, and suitability. Mr. Amit Punchhi of RGA examines the three elements that are contributing to the slowing down of the life market’s growth.

Higher Mortality Risk in Individuals with Mental Health Disorders

Individuals with mental health disorders have a risk of mortality that is two times higher than the general population or than individuals without such disorders, according to a new study.

MIB Life Index Reports U.S. Life Insurance Activity up +5.7% in January

Application activity for individually underwritten life insurance increased +5.7% in January, year-over-year, all ages combined, according to the MIB Life Index.

Life Underwriting in 2020

I am neither a clairvoyant nor in possession of a crystal ball. This confessed, after 45 years in life insurance risk assessment - and with an obsessive focus on tracking trends - I have some reasonably credible thoughts regarding how underwriting will be configured five years hence.

When Is Screening Essential?

The proper assessment of current health is essential for underwriters to come to the best (and hopefully most aggressive) decision on policy pricing. This is straightforward when tests and current assessment of well being have been done by an attending physician and favorable results lead to standard and preferred issues. What about screening tests for health that assess risk and allow both the doctor and patient/insured to look for disease that isn’t currently causing symptoms?

Dementia - The Presence of Mind

Dementia is a topic that is aired with increasing frequency in the media – perhaps due to raised awareness but certainly as a response to demographic change. The subject also arises in the context of life and health insurance product development, underwriting and claims.

Underwriting Shisha

Shisha – the practice of smoking tobacco or non-tobacco alternatives in waterpipes – is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Mr Devesh Anand of RGA Reinsurance Company Middle East Limited looks into the health risks of shisha and the underwriting considerations involved.

5 Life Insurance Game Changers

This year will see huge decreases in underwriting times for those who take advantage of new technologies.

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