Reflections on Non-Underwriters Managing Underwriters

Hank George, FALU, CLU, FLMI

It is a widely held notion that one does not have to know the job to manage people who do the job.

Approaches to Financial Underwriting in Life Insurance - Are We Making Sense?

For decades the life insurance industry has been using similar financial underwriting guidelines and making few material changes to underwriting approaches. This article is intended to plant some seeds of thought, promote dialogue, provide ideas to consider for changes in financial underwriting guidelines, and ultimately encourage you to answer for yourself whether or not your current guidelines make sense.

RGA ReFlections Newsletter Vol 34

Articles in the latest issue of ReFlections include:

- Bladder Cancer
- Do Biomarkers Mean Business?
- Electronic Medical Records Coding Standards

Life Out Of the Fast Lane - Driving Simpler Lipid Profiles

Traditionally, insurance companies have asked all applicants who require tests of their lipid (or blood sugar) levels to fast overnight. Fasting means taking no food or drink for up to 12 hours prior to a blood sample being taken. This restriction is certainly inconvenient and may even dissuade people from continuing the underwriting process.

A Second (Risk) Opinion After a Coronary Event

Can a man in his 50s with a history of heart disease ever be considered better than a sub-standard risk for life insurance? The answer is, sometimes, YES.

Genomes, Nanobots and Wearable tech: What’s Next Will Change Insurance Forever

It used to be impossible to price insurance based on your particular lifestyle, health or habits — but technology has given us the solution, at least for car insurance. How long before health and life insurance follow? The day is coming when the guesswork involved in evaluating factors regarding a consumer’s specific health risk is virtually eliminated.

Predictive Modeling for Life and P&C Insurance: Two Actuaries, Two Perspectives

David Wang is a life actuary with Milliman. He works extensively in the variable annuity area and has explored the application of predictive
modeling to life and annuity insurance. Peggy Brinkmann is a Property & Casualty (“P&C”) actuary with Milliman and has 20 years of experience in predictive modeling. David talked to Peggy recently about how predictive modeling is used in P&C insurance pricing to see what life actuaries can learn from our peers.

Overweight and Obesity in Asia

Although Asian countries have some of the lowest prevalence of overweight and obesity worldwide, they are experiencing alarming rates of increase in recent years. The boom in economic development and cultural factors are often cited as drivers. Knowledge about trends in overweight and obesity is important for underwriting this increasingly common risk group.

LIMRA Forecast: Expect Flat Life Insurance Sales in 2015

If you had to summarize the 2015 life insurance market in a few words they would be “more of the same.” As of the fourth quarter of 2014 LIMRA is predicting another flat year for life insurance sales.

Whom To Blame for the Coverage Gap?

The life insurance coverage gap is growing and independent insurance agent Michael A. Masiello thinks he’s found out why: Life insurers simply aren’t selling enough of it.

The Underwriting Forecast for 2015: NAILBA 33

At the 2014 NAILBA 33 conference in Hollywood, Florida, Brad Gabel (AIG Global Consumer Insurance), Bill Moore (Swiss Re), and Kathy Deren (Nationwide) joined forces to create the Risk Appraisal Forum, where they discussed the forecast of the underwriting industry as we enter year 2015.

Underwriting Presentations from the 2014 AHOU Conference

AHOU has posted recordings (powerpoint slides plus synchronized audio) of the session presentations from the 13th Annual AHOU Conference this past May in Indianapolis, IN.

Is Anyone Up For Continuous Underwriting?

Here’s something you don’t hear about every day. It has to do with post-issue underwriting, and technology.

New Medical Devices Soon Available To Speed and Improve Life Underwriting - Qualcomm Tricorder Xprize

Are there opportunities to leverage the coming tidal wave of new medical advancements in diagnostics devices that will give real-time detailed personal medical information?

New MetLife Underwriting Tool Aims at Ease of Doing Business

Continuing the company's focus on making the life insurance application process less arduous, MetLife launched a new proprietary individual life insurance field underwriting tool, MetLife QuickPredict, which its producers can access by desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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